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By all means, follow me on Twitter … if you’re interested in the following:

    • the impact of culture as it relates to the confluence of technology, leadership & learning (I believe these go together)
    • purpose … specifically personal, organizational and role purpose
    • social, educational, learning and enterprise-wide technologies
    • the learning revolution/evolution that is required in K-12 and Higher Ed

What I don’t tweet about:

    • what I had for breakfast
    • when I’m ticked off at family or friends
    • why Manchester United is glorious and Chelsea is demonic
    • where I’m currently cycling on my bike
    • who my favourite university chum is, and why
    • the whereabouts of my pets

In summary, I believe Twitter is a social learning tool, and what I share relates to what I’m professionally passionate about. (ie. open leadership, technologies — particularly social technologies — as well as connected learning)

Twitter to me is a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote:

How casually & unobservedly we make all our most valued acquaintances.

On the other hand, if you do want to get to know me in a social way, then perhaps we can become friends somehow and you’ll be exposed to those types of off-the-cuff updates on Facebook.