Credo of the Collaboration Canoe


I am not intermittent nor ephemeral for I travel on ubiquitous source. ‘Hope springs eternal’ you say? Aye, this rivulet does meander with hope but ’tis crowded by dangling bystanders. Low hanging fruit, I say, but there they remain perched and private. Why so rigid Oak? Don’t you perennially flower? Is it my canoe that […]

Give Piece a Chance

The important part

A truly collaborative organization will become a productive force to behold when contribution, in its many different forms, becomes the de facto behaviour of everyone. Give Piece a Chance. To be more specific, give a piece of content, a piece of feedback, a piece of knowledge, a piece of your experience a chance. You have wisdom. You have […]

6 Use Cases for Enterprise Micro-Blogging


As I’ve said before, micro-blogging inside an organization could be coined the ‘liquid knowledge network‘. There is so much to like about it. The following 6 use cases are intended for nascent users who might not fully appreciate the myriad benefits to micro-blogging inside an organization. 1) I’ve got a question When an employee is tapped into […]

Dan’s Personal 2012 Goals


I’m not exactly a religious guy, in fact, I’d probably argue that I’m a “Cafeteria Catholic” (oh, the blasphemy) but I’ve nonetheless always remembered a Mother Theresa quotation: Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway. As a leader of people for many years now, I hope my colleagues (former and current) […]