Our Three Young Children Blog … Here’s Why


Those that know the intricacies of raising children also know there isn’t a day that goes by where we — as parents — aren’t judging. We might be judging other parents, other children, other families, our better half, our own children … whatever the scenario, we’re judging. For the most part I hope we judge […]

My 1800+ LinkedIn Network Graphically Mapped


When it first came out I thought the LinkedIn Labs feature known as “InMaps” was really cool. It still is really cool. I haven’t used it in a couple of years, so after two days where I was on four planes and in three cities, I decided to vegetate on the couch and take another […]

I Have Never Worn a Watch


Sir Ken Robinson remarked in his indelible TED Talks a few years ago that his daughter saw no reason to wear a watch. As he stated, “My teenage daughter doesn’t wear a watch. She says, ‘It’s a single-function device, how lame is that?” The audience roared. I agree. I have never worn a watch. Ever. […]

Flat Army Book Launch Party … A Sea of Humanity


It’s hard to think of myself as an author. I mean for the entirety of my life, I’ve always known what I was … be it a son, brother, husband, dad, friend, educator, leader, Manchester United supporter, scotch drinker, Star Wars fan, pain in the ass, etc. But I’ve never been a published author before. […]

We Are All Boston


“The wind Daddy, it’s so cold,” says the 6 year-old boy at the park. “Don’t worry Son,” replied the Dad. “I’ll get your jacket from the car.” Boom. “I’ll have an extra-hot double-shot latte please,” Jenny pleads to the barista as she struggles to pull herself together for the 7am start-time in her job. “No […]