I Detached on Holiday. I Didn’t Unplug. You Should Too.


I’ve recently returned from 3 1/2 weeks away with the three ‘goats’ and Denise where we enjoyed the fine Puget Sound sea air of Gig Harbor. Ever since I can remember, Denise and I take 3 weeks of holiday in the summer usually coinciding with the last week of July and first two weeks of August. […]

It’s About Leadership: Ryder Hesjedal & the Giro d’Italia Win


I’m a proud Canadian, but on Sunday, May 27th, 2012 my level of pride exponentially increased as a result of 31 year-old Ryder Hesjedal, a native of Victoria, British Columbia, who became the first Canadian ever to win one of the three heralded Grand Tour cycling races, the Giro d’Italia. It’s akin to India winning […]

The Recalibration of Play


Am I worried about the proliferation of digital devices in our homes and schools? Not really. I’m more concerned that parents, when with their children at home, are simply using tablets, laptops, iPod Touch’s, Xbox consoles, etc. as a distraction device. An easy opportunity to abdicate parenting to the device itself. This is clearly wrong. Those parents have […]

ABC – The 21st Century Learning Model


For those that know me, I started out my career many moons ago as a K-12 educator. For some of you, I’m sure you’re thinking, “what a lunatic”. I only lasted three years but I look back on those years, nevertheless, with the fondest of memories. Truth be told though, I didn’t last because I […]

Parents, It’s “Back to Cool” Week

In Canada, the Tuesday after the Labour Day statutory holiday signals the return to school for most students attending kindergarten through higher education bachelor, masters and diploma programs. It is colloquially denoted as “Back to School” week.  For many retailers, it is also considered the second most important period of the year next to the […]