LinkedIn Skills – Useful or Useless?


LinkedIn Skills. Useful or useless? First off, what are they? LinkedIn itself states the following: LinkedIn Skills & Endorsements helps you discover the expertise that other professionals have. You can: Add a skill to the Skills & Endorsements section of your profile from the Edit Profile page. Add up to a maximum of 50 skills. […]

My 1800+ LinkedIn Network Graphically Mapped


When it first came out I thought the LinkedIn Labs feature known as “InMaps” was really cool. It still is really cool. I haven’t used it in a couple of years, so after two days where I was on four planes and in three cities, I decided to vegetate on the couch and take another […]

Did I Just Spam My Entire LinkedIn Network?


On the afternoon of Sunday, March 24, 2013 I sent a generic email to my entire LinkedIn network. Close to 1800 people received this email. Its overarching intent was to ‘ask’ for their support. (click here to read it) As some of you might know, I recently published my first book. Excited doesn’t begin to […]