Hierarchy for the Sake of Hierarchy is Simply Being Gutless

The family and I were ‘out and about’ on a lovely, sun drenched Mother’s Day this past weekend. Denise was celebrating her 11th Mother’s Day but if you do the math properly, she’s been a mom now to the three goats for a cumulative total of 27 years. You’ll figure it out in a moment….

Who Am I? Who I Am.

Next year, Denise and I will celebrate twenty years of marriage on July 1. That’s a score … both in terms of it becoming an awesome event (what a score!) as well as it demonstrating a group of twenty years (a more historical definition of score … think Abraham Lincoln). A couple of years into…

Can Humanism Replace Capitalism?

Can humanism replace capitalism? Can capitalism be fought back by a new sense of purpose? No. Not in my lifetime. It’s sad. Really, it is. Can humanism — the concept of value, meaning and purpose — be interwoven in parallel with capitalism? That *may* have a fighting chance. We first need to revisit the terms…


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