Five Uses for Virtual Worlds in the Workplace


For the past two and half years at my real job as the head of learning and collaboration, we’ve been early adopters of a virtual world product called AvayaLive Engage, developed by a company named Avaya. It was formerly known as Web.Alive, and although I’m not a fan of the name change, that’s about the […]

3D GameLab Could Be The Future of Learning


There is something fascinating going on at Boise State University and specifically the Department of Educational Technology. Let me introduce you to 3D GameLab, arguably an actual example demonstrating the evolution of today’s antiquated learning management system. The brainchild of Lisa Dawley and Chris Haskell, 3D GameLab is an online game-based learning environment facilitated by what are […]

5 Use Cases for Badges in the Enterprise


Yes, I do believe badging has a place inside the enterprise. If you’re not familiar with badging as a concept, you would be wise to visit the fantastic HASTAC community entitled “Badges for Lifelong Learning” for a primer and then further your understanding with information provided by Mozilla’s Open Badges; one of the pioneers in […]

The ‘Empire Avenue’ Strikes Back


On February, 24, 2012, I decided to take another social networking site for a test drive. This is a 48-hour play-by-play account of Empire Avenue because sometimes, you just never know what you’ll learn when you try something new for the first time. For example, had I never tried beer as a 17 year-old, I […]