Holacracy Is Not The Answer To Your Employee Disengagement Issues


If you’re located in parts of North America where it’s been too cold to even blink your eyes lately, you may not have seen the news. Holacracy is the new black. Holacracy? In a nutshell, Holacracy is an organizational structure — initially devised by self-described “recovering CEO” Brian Robertson of HolacracyOne — that purports to do the following: Holacracy […]

Flat Army on the Back of a (Digital) Napkin


When I’m writing material for a book, and specifically when I’m using an iPad, I normally find myself mainly in Evernote typing away … but because I like to sketch things out as well I also spend some time on an app called Bamboo Paper. Think of the app as a digital sketch pad or […]

The Hierarchy of Education


It’s my belief we are conditioned as children—through the hierarchy of a centuries-old schooling system—to believe the oldest person in the room (the teacher) is the smartest. That works only for so long. We are further conditioned to believe that when we’re extremely smart we’ll be recognized by the highest authority—the school principal—through commendations and […]

Visual Depiction of a Connected and Engaged Organization

Courtesy Leslie-Ann Miller of @RippleThink

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Rethinking the Work of Leadership


In 1973, Peter Drucker stated in his book Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices, “Management is not culture-free, that is, part of the world of nature. It is a social function. It is, therefore, both socially accountable and culturally embedded.” Some thirteen years later, Tom Peters remarked in the article Managing As Symbolic Action: “It requires us, […]