Instead of Inbox Zero, How About Outbox Zero


If I ever have to switch careers, I want to become a full-time writer. I know, on average it pays less than what I currently earn — at least according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics — where the average salary is $55,940 and there is an increase of only 3% more writer roles […]

I’m Not Scared of Email; I Developed a System called DADDIO


One of my favourite people on the planet is Luis Suarez. Not just an IBMer, a collaborator, an interlocutor or an inhabitant of Gran Canaria Island in Spain — how cool is that — he is one of the foremost outliers pushing our organizations towards a world without email. And who would blame him? No […]

Hey Microsoft! Why Not Merge Outlook with SharePoint?


It’s perhaps fair to say a majority of Microsoft Outlook email users might utilize the following adage if pressed into a decision: “I’ll give you my email when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!” People sure do love their email. The Radicati Group recently published findings suggesting in 2012, Microsoft Exchange (the back-end […]

Are We Addicted to the Notification of Notifications?

Picture this for a minute. You’re facilitating a face-to-face meeting with about six people. You’re presenting a couple of topics on the overhead projector that describe next year’s objectives. As you emphatically make a point, back turned to your attendees and you’re moving towards the screen, half of your audience pulls out their mobile device […]

Email, A Love Story

“Oh Emaileo, Emaileo! Wherefore art thou Emaileo?“, she cried, waving her mobile device, seeking attention from those passing by as she sat on a rusted park bench adjacent the maple & arbutus tree leaves turning red, orange and yellow. “Where have you gone as I miss you so?” As a seasoned executive in high-tech Fantasy […]