The Fallacy of Digital Natives


I have a problem with both the term digital native and how it has been manufactured into one of society’s greatest myths. I also believe there is an improved way in which we should be articulating the use of technology in the learning continuum. Learning and technology has nothing to do with generational divides. But […]

Review: SharePoint Conference 2011


I recently had the opportunity to attend and speak at SharePoint Conference 2011 in Anaheim, California along with roughly 8,000 other attendees. This was the first SharePoint conference since the Fall of 2009. It was also the first conference since the launch of SharePoint 2010 – the latest public version available to customers. My overarching […]

Steve Jobs – My Favourite Beatle

The Fab Four; Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were a band like no other. As someone born in 1971, they are my generation’s Fab Four. Steve, the raw but brilliant and creative ring leader was Lennon. Bill, the melodic but safe visionary was McCartney. George matched his namesake with ingenuity & […]

Niall Ferguson: Did He Miss the Learning ‘App’?

During the TED Global event held at Edinburgh, Scotland in July of 2011, renown academic Niall Ferguson spoke of “The 6 killer apps of prosperity“. Those ‘apps’ included: Competition Scientific Revolution Property Rights Modern Medicine Consumer Society The Work Ethic Although he speaks about standardized testing and rote memory plights within the TED talk (see […]