Niall Ferguson: Did He Miss the Learning ‘App’?

During the TED Global event held at Edinburgh, Scotland in July of 2011, renown academic Niall Ferguson spoke of “The 6 killer apps of prosperity“. Those ‘apps’ included: Competition Scientific Revolution Property Rights Modern Medicine Consumer Society The Work Ethic Although he speaks about standardized testing and rote memory plights within the TED talk (see […]

Has the Economic Meltdown & 9/11 Impacted our Definition of Teams?


Whether society is currently in the middle of one massive economic meltdown that commenced in 2007 (which even the IMF has trouble discerning what the root cause was or is) or we’re entering into another distinct meltdown period altogether (ie. 2011 onward), one thing for certain is that the times, they are a changing. Thanks […]

ABC – The 21st Century Learning Model


For those that know me, I started out my career many moons ago as a K-12 educator. For some of you, I’m sure you’re thinking, “what a lunatic”. I only lasted three years but I look back on those years, nevertheless, with the fondest of memories. Truth be told though, I didn’t last because I […]

Is George Siemens Right? Social Media is like Letters to the Editor


While I was enjoying a separation from the external world of social media this past summer, George Siemens of Athasbasca University, authored a very stirring if not controversial post entitled “Losing interest in social media: there is no there there“.  After finally dusting off my mental cobwebs and getting around to reading articles, research and blog […]

What If We Rented Tablets?

According to IDC, there were 18 million tablets shipped in 2010. The organization also believes that more than 46 million tablets will ship by 2014, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 57.4%. How does that stack up against PCs and laptops? IDC expects 398 million portable PCs will be shipped in 2014. Not […]