Employee Engagement is not about Buzz Word Bingo

This is the first in a series of posts where I’m going to focus my writing on employee engagement. I’ve always been fascinated by the term engagement. It can mean so many things. It can also be interpreted in so many different ways too. I’ve always (personally) felt that an engaged employee will be far more productive than a disengaged employee. In return, there is a corollary to business or financial results, […]

Are We Addicted to the Notification of Notifications?

Picture this for a minute. You’re facilitating a face-to-face meeting with about six people. You’re presenting a couple of topics on the overhead projector that describe next year’s objectives. As you emphatically make a point, back turned to your attendees and you’re moving towards the screen, half of your audience pulls out their mobile device […]

Bill Sullivan, CEO of Agilent Technologies is a Chief Engagement Officer


In my quest to highlight CEO’s that are truly game changers, believers & practitioners of the thoughts and concepts written in this space, I came across Bill Sullivan of Agilent Technologies. What a gem! If you’ve never heard of Agilent Technologies, a few fast facts: Agilent at its core is a measurement solutions company focusing […]

Introducing the Digital Learning Quadrants

This is the follow-up post and answer to “The Fallacy of Digital Natives“. Let us agree, therefore, that regardless of age or situation, the learning process is one in which any learner can utilize formal, informal and social means to actually learn. It has nothing to do with generational divides. If we were to re-categorize […]

The Fallacy of Digital Natives


I have a problem with both the term digital native and how it has been manufactured into one of society’s greatest myths. I also believe there is an improved way in which we should be articulating the use of technology in the learning continuum. Learning and technology has nothing to do with generational divides. But […]