Do You Exhibit Collaborative Attributes? Does Your Organization?

About two years ago, Tammy Erickson asked the question, “Do You Have The Collaborative Capacity You Need?” In it, she describes ten enabling factors that help to build the collaborative capacity of an organization. I highly recommend you review them. I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight both the ten individual and the ten […]

Let’s Rename Micro-blogging to Chatting

<Note: I call this a ‘popcorn’ post> If you’re on the ole Twitter, or even better, if your organization has implemented a micro-blogging application of some sort, you get it. That is, you probably have a semi-coherent idea of what micro-blogging actually is. I’m not here to rehash the history of micro-blogging and how it […]

RSS Behaviour Redefined: Rhizophilous Social Sources

RSS (known as Really Simple Syndication or occasionally as Rich Site Summary and RDF Site Summary) is defined by PC Magazine as follows: A syndication format that was developed by Netscape in 1999 and became very popular for aggregating updates to blogs and news sites. Although I’m not advocating to actually change the RSS definition, […]

For Don …

An old friend passed away last night, after a long, heart-wrenching battle. I don’t normally go off tangent given the purpose of ‘trainingwreck’, but thought I’d share the following nonetheless. No comments necessary. Just a time for quiet reflection.   God saw you were getting tired, And a cure was not to be, So he […]

Did ‘The Beatles’ actually collaborate or were they working in silos?

The Beatles, many say, were musical geniuses. A rare few imply they actually destroyed rock ‘n roll. As a Beatles fan, I’ve grown up thinking their genius had more to do with the innate ways in which the Fab Four actually collaborated. How they proactively cooperated together (and with others) to brainstorm, write, and produce […]