Stack Ranking the Robots


By some estimates, there are well over 100 million managers of people in the world. Since the New Year rolled around, many of those managers have been in the midst of their organization’s annual performance review cycle. Employees have been or are about to sit through a one-hour performance review, based on their efforts over […]

What I Learned About The Stigma Of My Stigma


The timestamp on this post is February 13, 2015, 10am Pacific Time. Lucky, ‘Friday the 13th’. Perhaps it is. At this precise moment in time, I’m ‘under the knife’. I’m hoping it’s a rust-proof knife, because the last thing I need now is tetanus. I’m also trusting the doctor is old and wise enough to […]

The Real Beauty In Leadership Happens By Going Above And Beyond


“Compassion leaves an indelible blueprint of the recognition that life so sorely needs between one individual and another; one nation and another; one culture and another. It is also valid for the road which our spirit should be building now for crossing the historical abyss that still separates us from a truly contemporary vision of […]

The Strength Of A Leader Comes From The Tree Trunk


Employee engagement research recently surfaced by Answers – a company that empowers consumers, brands and organizations by connecting them with the information they need to make better informed decisions – suggests only 27% of employees are engaged at work, whereas 45% of employees find themselves in the middle of the pack of engagement. Not surprisingly, […]