Corporate Culture in a Venn Diagram

culture in a venn

There is a diagram floating around LinkedIn and Twitter that attempts to illustrate an individual’s true ‘purpose’. It’s amusing to me, because it’s short-sighted. It may even be delivering a disservice to some. Whenever I come across the graphic, I immediately wonder if it’s doing a disservice to employees everywhere. There are four circles in […]

Waxing Lyrical On Leadership, Engagement, Purpose & Innovation


The fine folks at Learnnovators conducted an interview with me recently, where I spouted off on aspects of leadership, engagement, purpose and innovation. The results can be found below: 1. Learnnovators: It is so inspiring to hear you speak of leveraging the metaphor of Canada Geese, which rotate leadership, thus ensuring that each member of […]

Do You Take The Time?


Do you take the time to say ‘bless you’ to a stranger on a plane who has just sneezed? Do you take the time to hold the door for someone many steps behind you? Do you take the time to read to your children? Do you take the time to walk your neighbourhood at sunrise? […]

Stack Ranking the Robots


By some estimates, there are well over 100 million managers of people in the world. Since the New Year rolled around, many of those managers have been in the midst of their organization’s annual performance review cycle. Employees have been or are about to sit through a one-hour performance review, based on their efforts over […]