Take a Chance on You


The early 1980’s saw me suffer through horrors of unimaginable proportions. As an eight through twelve-year old boy, our family car was none other than the Ford Country Squire station wagon. Yes, it was a magic bucket of bolts on four sturdy wheels replete with … wait for it … fake exterior wood paneling. The […]

What I Learned From My Daughter About Decision Making


She’s eleven years old and has been precocious for as long as I can remember. At five, she told us, “It’s time for me to start learning how to play violin.” At eight, she said, “Why can’t I have my own blog?” And now, at eleven, Claire — our oldest of three children — has […]

LinkedIn Skills – Useful or Useless?


LinkedIn Skills. Useful or useless? First off, what are they? LinkedIn itself states the following: LinkedIn Skills & Endorsements helps you discover the expertise that other professionals have. You can: Add a skill to the Skills & Endorsements section of your profile from the Edit Profile page. Add up to a maximum of 50 skills. […]

Why I’d Work With Google’s Laszlo Bock (one day)


Laszlo Bock is the Senior Vice-President of People Operations at Google. He rose to such a role at the age of 33 in 2006. My math background puts him at an age that is slightly younger than me, so I’m a wee bit jealous. I’ve never met Laszlo. But I’d like to. And one day, maybe […]

Who Am I? Who I Am.


Next year, Denise and I will celebrate twenty years of marriage on July 1. That’s a score … both in terms of it becoming an awesome event (what a score!) as well as it demonstrating a group of twenty years (a more historical definition of score … think Abraham Lincoln). A couple of years into […]