Five Essential Tips to Effectively Work from Home

Over at TELUS – where my day job as Chief Envisioner of TELUS Transformation Office keeps me equal parts flourishing and busy – I have the luxury of being a mobile worker. Being a mobile worker means I can work from the road, a TELUS office, hotels, the odd coffee shop … and yes even […]

Instead of Inbox Zero, How About Outbox Zero


If I ever have to switch careers, I want to become a full-time writer. I know, on average it pays less than what I currently earn — at least according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics — where the average salary is $55,940 and there is an increase of only 3% more writer roles […]

Today I Wear Pink for Workplace Bullying

pink square

Today I wear pink. In British Columbia where I have the fortune of living, it’s Pink Shirt Day. The CKNW Orphans’ Fund has been sponsoring and promoting Pink Shirt Day for a few years now. On their website, they state: “Bullying is a major problem in our schools, workplaces, homes, and over the Internet.” I […]

How to ‘Take One for the Team’


How many you ask? It’s over one billion. When you put the word ’team’ into a Google search box, you’re presented with over one billion results. I ventured over to Bing and repeated the exercise. Over 600 million results this time. I’ve no idea why there is a gap of 400 million search terms between […]

Jerry Seinfeld Lampoons the Mobile Phone and Communication

Three years ago, I asked a couple of questions in this space about communications: Ask yourself this question. How many times during a given week do you ignore a phone call coming into your mobile device even though you know exactly who is calling with your fancy photo-generated call display. How many times during the […]