I’m Showing My Work … My Next Book Is Postponed


In her book, Show Your Work, Jane Bozarth encourages us to work in the open. On the topic, she recently wrote, “Working out loud takes us off autopilot and forces us to confront assumptions, bad habits, and prejudices. Helping others better articulate decisions helps them learn—and if we’re paying attention, we might learn something, too.” John Stepper […]

I Missed My 25th High School Reunion That Never Was


This week, twenty-five years ago, I graduated from high school. Technically speaking, I’m now old. I have no hair, I’m a size 34 waist (ok, probably 35 on Saturday nights) when I should be a 32, and the 12-, 10-, and 8-year olds parading around our home, masquerading as ‘children’ and causing irreparable havoc, occupy […]

Calling Frederic Laloux Of Reinventing Organizations

Laloux Frederic

31 May, 2015 Dear Frederic, I read your book, Reinventing Organizations. First off, congratulations on becoming a published author. I’m wondering if you’ve read my first one, FLAT ARMY? Regardless, there are parts of your book I rather enjoyed. But when I came up against ‘Teal‘, I began having my doubts. Particularly as it relates […]

If Your Enterprise Social Network Is A Ghost Town It’s Probably Due To Your Corporate Culture

I was speaking at a conference recently, and a question was posed to me from someone in the audience near the tail end of the session. We deployed our enterprise social network last year, but it’s a ghost town. No one is using it. I knew what was about to come next, but I politely […]