Dan’s Personal 2012 Goals


I’m not exactly a religious guy, in fact, I’d probably argue that I’m a “Cafeteria Catholic” (oh, the blasphemy) but I’ve nonetheless always remembered a Mother Theresa quotation: Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway. As a leader of people for many years now, I hope my colleagues (former and current) […]

Interlocutor: The Word of 2012


Interlocu-what? If 2011 was about quid-pro-quo … or reciprocity as I deemed it, it’s my wish for the year 2012 to be about the interlocutor. Let’s first start with the definition. An interlocutor is: An individual that actively takes part in a conversation with other individuals; someone who speaks or facilitates a conversation. Let’s face […]

There is Nothing More to Say in 2011 … but Thanks


As the world becomes smaller, our opportunities become more common. As the number of personal interactions increases, my competence grows exponentially. As the sheer quantity of ideas expands, my impatience explodes. As people take hold of becoming collaborative, I smile ear-to-ear. A big thanks to everyone I liaised with in person over 2011 at various […]

The Tuition Value of Mistakes


What is a mistake? Is it a blunder? Misinterpretation? Oversight? A momentary lapse in judgement? It’s perhaps all of those; but one avenue often overlooked is that a mistake has value. A mistake, however you define it, has tuition value. And to be blunt, organizations that sweep mistakes under the proverbial rug, without using them […]