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The Mysterium Tremendum Leader

They are the weak, the bullies, the ruthless They become and personify the finger that points at a scapegoat, gleefully abdicating any responsibility for erroneous outcomes or missed targets. They ascend to positions of power through matador like precision. Their sword is not metal, rather a behavioural style that aims to demean, command or enforce. Collectively there are hundreds…

The Link Between Leadership, Learning & Organizational Performance

Víctor García-Morales, Francisco Lloréns-Montes and Antonio Verdú-Jover published a paper in the British Journal of Management (December, 2008, Vol. 19 Issue 4) entitled, “The Effects of Transformational Leadership on Organizational Performance through Knowledge and Innovation”. In it they set out to prove the following hypotheses: Transformational leadership will be positively associated with knowledge slack (prior…


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