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Internet Activities Do NOT Affect Adolescence Development

Depending on the scope and topic of a keynote address I deliver, there is a point in the talk where I might tell the story about our three young goats, and why Denise and I are coaching them to publicly blog. I even wrote a post about it entitled, “Our Three Young Children Blog ……

Q&A on the Future of Social, Mobile and eLearning

I was asked to comment on a few questions related to eLearning, social learning, etc. for an upcoming publication. Here are the questions and my unedited responses: What does an organization without social learning look like? What COULD it look like? The water cooler has been both a figurative and literal location of exchange. So…

Talent Development Isn’t Just About Training

Back in 2001, Britain’s Royal Mail — that venerable institution of postal delivery throughout the United Kingdom, originally conceived and put into service by Charles I in 1635 — decided to change its name to Consignia. Consignia. The Chief Executive Officer at the time was John Roberts. He publicly stated that “the new name describes…


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