Announcing the Full Book Cover Jacket of Flat Army

When I was in discussions with my executive editor about the Flat Army cover, it took a nano-second for me to sign off on the first iteration from the Wiley art department. I’m biased, but I think it looks fantastic.

After the front cover was sorted out, it was time for me to talk about my wishes for the back cover.

Perhaps I’m naïve as a first-time author, but I insisted that there be no ‘special’ quotations from other authors or industry leaders on the back cover. When I interviewed Henry Mintzberg for the book he was quick to point out that he would not be providing a quotation for the back cover.

“Fine with me,” I said to Mr. Mintzberg. I don’t think they have a part in today’s publishing world either.


Let’s say I did ask Mr. Mintzberg to pen a few words about Flat Army and/or Dan Pontefract. If he agreed to do it, he’d be forced to write something nice, wouldn’t he? (and we had literally just met)

What if I asked other colleagues/friends like Marcia Conner or Chuck Hamilton or Lang Davison or Mark Fidelman or Gautam Ghosh … wouldn’t they be compelled to write something nice as well?

I didn’t want to put quotations on the back cover because it smacks of elitism. Sure, I may not sell as many books due to the decision, but Flat Army is about being, well … flat … and having a few highly recognizable names on the back cover seems antithetical to the intent of the book.

Instead, I defined flat, army and flat army and I’ll let my words speak for the book as opposed to those of anyone else.



  1. Angela Alini says

    Hi Dan,

    You can save the quotes for the 2nd edition of the book when it becomes required reading in B-school:)

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