And The Winners Of A Free Book Are …

… everyone!

I recently ran a contest for a free signed copy of “The Purpose Effect.” The entry fee was the disclosure of your “personal declaration of purpose.”

Thanks to everyone who were brave enough to submit their statement.

During our Sunday dinner, we discussed as a family each of the purpose statements. The goats (our children) were the ultimate judges, but felt that everyone should win a book. “It’s not fair,” said one of the goats. “These people were brave enough to share their purpose statement, and so they all should win. I don’t want to see any losers.”

Fair enough. Everyone’s a winner!

But they did pick their top three personal declaration of purpose statements, as follows:

#1 Shane Baetz

Build bridges but dream of sailing. When ready to depart and once you’ve landed on new shores, burn your boats (not the bridges).

#2 Airlie

I’m here to help.

#3 Cameron Bales

I work to let all diabetics keep their feet.

If you submitted an entry, please feel to reach out to me directly (dp at danpontefract dot com) and I’ll have a book sent to you via snail mail.

Thanks again to everyone.


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