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Dan Pontefract | the blog of dan pontefract
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Dan Pontefract

Author, Thinker, Speaker, Former Fry Guy


Hi there! I’m Dan. Thanks for dropping by.

I’m the author of THE PURPOSE EFFECT: Building Meaning in Yourself, Your Role and Your Organization (2016), as well as FLAT ARMY: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization (2013).

I am honoured to be an Adjunct Professor at the Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria.

My third book, OPEN to THINK, will publish on September 11, 2018. Do you want to be better at Open Thinking? Pre-orders coming soon.

I’m also Chief Envisioner of TELUS Transformation Office where I help organizations and leaders who are looking to improve all facets of the ‘future of work’ including employee engagement, leadership development, collaborative behaviours, organizational purpose, digital transformation and corporate culture.

Most importantly however, I am a dad, husband, son, brother and friend. I am defined not by what I say but what others say about me.


Scroll down for more details about me.


I live, love, parent and work by three key beliefs that have

held me together for several years:





We’re not here to see through each other;

We’re here to see each other through.


    Culture is how an organization operates.


    Purpose is what you (and your organization) stands for.


    Engagement is how you feel about culture and purpose.


    We all deserve to have a little awesome in our lives.


Previously responsible for the overarching leadership development, learning and collaboration strategy at TELUS.


I helped to drive a philosophical and cultural shift in the way TELUS views and experiences leadership with the introduction of the TELUS Leadership Philosophy (TLP), an open and collaborative-based leadership framework for all TELUS team members, alongside a litany of collaboration technologies.


This included the launch of “Learning 2.0”; the shift to a social, informal and formal learning and collaboration model for all 43,000+ team members, bringing TELUS to the forefront of learning leadership.


Amazingly, over my tenure, employee engagement at TELUS skyrocketed from 53% to 87%.

Prior to TELUS, I spent six years in the business intelligence space as the Head of University of Business Intelligence (UBI), an outfit that sat at SAP, Business Objects and Crystal Decisions. I also spent five years in higher education helping launch the High-Tech Professional Department of the British Columbia Institute of Technology. I even spent three years teaching high school.


Over my career, I have been the recipient of over twenty industry awards.



Part of what makes me tick is speaking, and I’ve been fortunate to have been invited to deliver many, many, many keynotes and presentations since 2008 including three different TEDx Talks. (You can book him to speak here.)



In addition to books, I occasionally write articles and columns that can be found on Forbes, Harvard Business Review and The Huffington Post.


In 2012 I appeared on the covers of T+D Magazine and Chief Learning Officer Magazine and didn’t even break the camera lens.



When I’m not cycling, I’m goofing around with my better half, Denise, and the goats – Claire, Cole and Cate. Visit their blogs – they’d love to hear from you.

Dan’s DNA


  • dual citizen: canadian / british
  • big music fan of the hip, the beatles, pearl jam & elliott brood
  • family man – brilliant wife of 22 years (we got married at 24)
  • 3 goats (aka children, kids, c’mon)
  • avid cyclist
  • Manchester United supporter (no haters please)
  • follicly challenged (or perhaps follicly hip)
  • I try not to take myself too seriously – life is precious, but short.

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