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Whose Job Is Leadership, Anyway?

How does the current state of leadership affect employee engagement? What is the effect of both good and bad leadership as it pertains to organizational health and engagement? From a leadership perspective, who actually is responsible for employee engagement? Who is responsible for the act of leadership? According to Hay Group, a global management consulting firm, 63 per cent of CEOs and other members of the top team reckon it’s the top leaders in the company who are “chiefly responsible … [Read More...]


Enter to WIN a Free Signed Copy of Flat Army

Flat Army was published about a year ago. It's been an absolute honour to receive emails, tweets, phone calls, texts and (can you believe it) face-to-face notices of congratulations, thanks and kudos about the book. To those that have reached out in whatever form - you have my utmost respect and gratitude. To those that are implementing the concepts (in whole or in part) I am equally grateful. If you're not yet on the Flat Army bandwagon -- I'm not one to judge -- this is your chance to … [Read More...]

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Stop Killing Your Corporate Culture

According to Waterstone Human Capital and their 2010 Canadian Corporate Culture Study Results: 71 per cent of respondents say their organization’s corporate culture drives sales and revenue In a series of interviews in 2010, Gary Burnison, CEO of Korn/Ferry International, surfaced the following: JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is known for promoting openness and accountability in his organization Michael Thaman, chairman and CEO of Owens Corning observed: "Make sure that the DNA of … [Read More...]


I Have Never Worn a Watch

Sir Ken Robinson remarked in his indelible TED Talks a few years ago that his daughter saw no reason to wear a watch. As he stated, "My teenage daughter doesn't wear a watch. She says, 'It's a single-function device, how lame is that?" The audience roared. I agree. I have never worn a watch. Ever. Well aside from that Goofy watch when I was a wee tot. To me, watches are a bit like children attractions in Las Vegas. What's the point? Given mobile phone penetration is near 90% in the … [Read More...]